Our new album Animal Mother (Folderol Records) is out!



PLUMAGE   « This is one of the most beautiful Premières we have ever hosted. The O-Janà, Alessandra Bossa and Ludovica Manzo, represents a very high hybrid, one of the most interesting ones ever. » Damir Ivic, Soundwall


Copertina O-Janà with MicheleRabbia - Inland Images (FolDeRol 2018)

«It’s very beautiful – fascinating, bewitching, uncanny»  Pino Saulo, Radio 3

«A very beautiful album, which moves between song form, electronics and improvisation» Tobia D’Onofrio, XL – La Repubblica

«…Able to reveal hidden treasures of crystalline beauty to be discovered with patience and passion»  Stefano ‘Bizarre’ Quario,Blow up

«Advenutous and convincing debut …A plethora of mastered and never over the top awesomeness»  Rumore

«… We deal with a malleable sound material, high and very sophisticated»  Fabrizio Zampighi, Sentireascoltare


Inland Images (Folderol Records) is a work characterized by an intensely poetic vein and spontaneous creativity. It’s the result of the long-lasting interaction between two distant, yet kindred constellations such as Alessandra Bossa and Ludovica Manzo, aka O-Janà (from the word Janara – “witch” in Neapolitan), joining forces with Michele Rabbia’s expertly weaved textures. A clear and original stylistic signaturethat looks beyond national borders: the vocals shift with from song form to experimental sounds with great ease, splinters of piano (often prepared) and percussions alternate with electronics in a game of roles which never feels fixed or banal. O-Janà’s musical ideas perfectly marry Rabbia’s sensibility, giving life to a microcosm in which analogue and digital mix in the best way possible. A seething magma that does not aim at virtuosity and which is based upon traditional composition as well as improvisation and cut-up sounds: that “remix” which one may find at the Punkt Festival held by Norwegians Jan Bang and Erik Honorè. On the other hand, it is no coincidence that Eivind Aarset, one of the musicians of that innovative and breezy scene, wanted to contribute with his unmistakable sound to a work that is so similar to that musical universe. 

 “Inland Images” is a label-free journey between icy abstraction and vibrant pulsation through boundless territories, where song, melody and  chamber music find a place along with neoclassical and jazz nuances. “Inland Images” is a life story lived by three artists who have established a dialogue from very distant places and latitudes, and this is why this is a work of contemporary and international scope.  [Luca Vitali]


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