Copertina O-Janà with MicheleRabbia - Inland Images (FolDeRol 2018).jpg

“INLAND IMAGES” OUT IN OCTOBER 2018 | Folderol Records

“Inland Images” is the result of the long-lasting interaction between two distant, yet kindred constellations such as Alessandra Bossa and Ludovica Manzo, aka O-Janà (from the word Janara – “witch” in Neapolitan), joining forces with Michele Rabbia’s expertly weaved textures.

This work is a label-free journey between icy abstraction and vibrant pulsation through boundless territories, where song, melody and chamber music find a place along with neoclassical and jazz nuances. “Inland Images” is a life story lived by three artists who have established a dialogue from very distant places and latitudes, and this is why it is a work of contemporary and international breath. [Luca Vitali]

Alessandra Bossa: piano, electronics

Ludovica Manzo: vocals

Michele Rabbia: drums, electronics, objects

Eivind Aarset: guitars on tracks 3, 7


È un lavoro caratterizzato da intensa vena poetica e spontanea creatività, questo “Inland Images”. Frutto dell’interazione di lungo corso tra due costellazioni così distanti e affini al tempo stesso come Alessandra Bossa e Ludovica Manzo, aka O-Janà (da Janara, strega in napoletano), e del loro incontro con le sapienti tessiture di Michele Rabbia.

Un viaggio tra algida astrazione e vibrante pulsazione attraverso territori sconfinati e liberi da etichette, dove trovano spazio anche la canzone, la melodia e la musica da camera con sfumature neoclassiche e jazz. [Luca Vitali]


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